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Wolf Park Not for Profit Organization

Wolf Park Not for Profit Organization

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Located Battle Ground, IN.  Wolf Park is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to behavioral research, education and conservation, with the objective of improving the public’s understanding of wolves and the value they provide to our environment.  


To allow researchers to combine field studies with observations on animals within the park for a better understanding of their social behavior, which they can then use to understand better what they see in their field studies and apply in their efforts to determine what the species needs to adapt and live well in the wild.

To establish and maintain representative groups of endangered species along with other animals, to alert the public to the need for action on their behalf.

To expand upon our management techniques with mixed habitats of plants and animals and to make this knowledge available to others, primarily focusing on the benefits of socialization in captive animal management.

To develop the most effective means of disseminating our information to the greatest number of people. This means educating them concerning the importance of appreciating the behavior and ecology of animals and how this relates to the general quality of life for humans, both now and in the future. We will do this through events at Wolf Park, publications, presentations off-site, and through the Internet, among other ways.

To co-sponsor or cooperate with other groups, agencies, and institutions, both government and private, wherever possible in matters of common interests.

To reach members of many different populations of people, from young children to high-ranking government officials, to change attitudes towards wolves, wildlife, and wild lands in a profound way that will alter our culture and will help perpetuate these wild animals and habitats long into the future, beyond our individual lifetimes.

Shipping artwork with any measurement over 24" is very expensive.

The box alone can be from $80-250 or more & the shipping an additional $75-450 or more.

A representative of Wolf Park can pick up your paid items and take them to Wolf Park in West Lafayette, IN for pick up if that is more convenient to your location.

11595 E. State Road 205, LaOtto, Indiana 46763
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